Moto X4 leaks in all its glory.

Motorola’s Moto X line has taken a back seat as the company has focused on the modular Moto Z line, but that looks to be changing soon. We already know Motorola is coming out with a fourth Moto X, but a leak from Brazilian site Tudocellular, which obtained images as it passes through the country’s telecommunications agency, confirms a few key features for the device.

The leaked photos confirmed some features of this year’s Moto Z devices will find their way to the Moto X line, including the Z2 Force’s dual camera setup. There’s no indication what the second sensor will be used for, but it is likely to be used as a monochromatic sensor like the Moto Z2 Force. The leaked also shows the device is 16 cm by 8 cm, or approximately 6.3 inches by 3.15 inches. This lines up with @evleaks’ earlier report that the phone will feature a 5.2 inch 1080p display. The leaks show a glossy black body, though it is unclear if that is glass or plastic.

The photos also show Motorola’s pill shaped front fingerprint sensor that has become a staple of their devices this year, and it’s very likely to include the same gesture support current fingerprint sensors enjoy. The phone is rumored to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery and Android 7.1.1 with Moto’s enhancements on top. Finally, the phone is rumored to be available to use with Project Fi, which would make it the first non-Google phone to be officially supported by the carrier. Most importantly, the leaks show a 3.5 mm headphone jack for those that don’t want to live the #donglelife.

There’s no telling on when the Moto X4 will be announced or released, but it is expected to land in Q4 of this year. Are you planning to pick up the Moto X4? Let us know down below.

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Netflix is taking a gamble that Canadian customers are addicted enough to eat the extra cost.

Netflix is increasing prices for Canadian customers between $1 and $2 depending on the plan. From Canadian Press (via CBC):

The popular video streaming service is hiking prices for new members effective immediately. It will do the same for existing users after notifying them by email in the coming weeks. Netflix’s standard plan will now cost a dollar more — or $10.99 a month — to watch content on two screens at a time.

The basic plan, which does not offer high definition video and only permits one streaming screen at a time, also goes up a dollar to $8.99 a month. Premium plan subscribers will pay $2 more for up to four simultaneous streams and ultra high-definition 4K content. It will now cost $13.99 monthly.

It’s the first price increase in nearly two years that affects subscribers in Canada.

What’s interesting here is that Netflix is announcing this price increase only days after it became clear that competitors like CBS and Disney, which owns ABC, Marvel, Disney and the Star Wars brand, sees the potential for significant market share in Canada as more people cut the cord.

Netflix used to have a significant disadvantage here in Canada, but since it pivoted to a lineup that emphasizes its own licensed and commissioned content, that content divide with the U.S. has largely faded. Netflix is still the only streaming service in Canada to offer Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as the standalone Rogue One, and that relationship, despite Disney announcing its plans to pull its content from Netflix U.S., won’t affect Canadian customers anytime soon.

Some of the price increase can be attributed to continued weakness in the Canadian dollar, which is hovering around $0.80 USD.

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Did anyone happen to check the calendar today? That’s right, it’s 10.08! To celebrate, HTC has released an update for the HTC U11 which adds Bluetooth 5, 60FPS (at 1080p) video recording, July’s security patch and other unnamed “system enhancements.”

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Motorola’s new Gamepad Moto Mod is coming to Verizon — and only Verizon — this month.

Ever since we heard about Motorola’s upcoming Gamepad Mod for the Moto Z series, it’s been top-of-mind for gadgets to try. Well, that will soon be possible when the add-on goes on sale exclusively at Verizon on August 25 for $79.99.

Yes, along with a red-hued JBL SoundBoost 2 speaker Mod, the Moto Gamepad will be sold only at Verizon stores and online, though it doesn’t appear that the carrier will prevent wireless customers from other carriers from buying one.

Like all other Moto Mods, the Gamepad uses the pins on the back of the Moto Z series phones to form a direct data connection with the phone, eschewing unreliable Bluetooth that most game controllers use. Instead, the Moto Z sits flush inside the Gamepad, making the phone into a veritable portable gaming system. The 1035mAh battery lasts for approximately eight hours, and there are dual control sticks, a D-pad, and shoulder buttons that resemble those of a Switch or PS Vita.

Of course, most Android games aren’t console quality, nor are they tailor-made for controllers. Only a few really take advantage of all the potential button combinations, and Motorola says it isn’t working with any developers to optimize their games for the form factor, so users will have to be selective about the games they play (or download apps that map custom controllers to traditional touch inputs).

At $79.99, the Gamepad Mod isn’t cheap, but combined with the Moto Z2 Force, which has a Snapdragon 835 processor inside, it may be one of the better options for those yearning for the halcyon days of the Sony Xperia Play and its gaming-focused ilk.

In other Moto news, the Moto Z2 Force is up for pre-order on Verizon for $15 per month over 24 months with an Unlimited plan, which works out to just $360 total. The savings are applied through monthly bill credits, and begin a couple cycles into the payment, but they should eventually catch up once the phone is fully paid for. Verizon customers also get a free Insta-Share Projector Mod, which is neat.

The Moto Z2 Force isn’t proving to be one of our favorite flagships of 2017, but it has some serious upsides — especially if you’re clumsy.

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