An unlocked model of the LG G6 is now on sale in the U.S. But should you buy one?

I have to admit something: even though I’ve had a Galaxy S8 in my pocket for a couple weeks now, I keep thinking of going back to the LG G6. It’s not just that the fingerprint sensor is in a better position, or that it’s a little easier to use with one hand, but because the dual camera setup is just so enticing, especially as I’m about to leave for Google I/O and its sweeping Northern California vistas.

Well, if you’re looking to pick up an LG G6 but don’t want a carrier variant (and all the bloatware it entails), you can now buy an unlocked version from Amazon, B&H or Best Buy.

The phone, model number US997, is compatible with all four major U.S. carriers, and comes with no pre-loaded carrier software. And while it may not be specifically optimized for one particular network — you’ll lose some T-Mobile or Verizon-specific enhancements — in exchange you get one of the leanest ways to run an LG phone.

It’s also considerably cheaper, at $599, than the equivalent unlocked Galaxy S8, which begins at $725, though for that you get an extra 32GB of storage and a faster processor, but who’s counting? The LG G6 stands up in many ways to the Galaxy S8 where it counts: overall user experience.

If you’re interested in the unlocked LG G6, let us know in the comments below!

Where to buy the LG G6 in the U.S.

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Apex Launcher isn’t back just yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from saying that it is.

Apex Launcher announced its comeback weeks ago with a May arrival date. Lo, it is May, and and Apex Launcher beta has pushed out for the testers to enjoy. But I’d hold off for a little while.

Hey, I’m as ready for another customization-heavy launcher to join the ranks of Nova Launcher and Action Launcher as anyone else, but after playing with the new beta, I can tell you it’s not there yet.

Now, I refuse to make a bunch of hasty conclusions about Apex’s resurgence until it makes its way to the stable release, or at least makes it through a few more beta updates, but so far, things look a lot like they did back in 2015. There’s a few new-ish card styles and animations, but the majority of Apex looks and acts like it did before, right down to the way it cuts off icons when your grid gets too big.

Long story short, it’s still more old Apex than new Apex. Until that new Apex is a little more visible, unless you’re really into betas and giving feedback to launcher developers, I’d sit tight. If you want to take part in the Beta, you’ll need to join the Apex Launcher Google+ community and then opt-in to the beta before downloading Apex Launcher from Google Play.

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But with rival services making their way onto the scene, YouTube TV needs an edge.

Is there anyone out there who cut the cord and misses cable as much as I did? It wasn’t until I downloaded YouTube TV that I realized how much I missed the sensation of flipping through channels, or being able to watch programs at the same time as everyone else.

Sure, full-featured cable TV does have its drawbacks. In many cases, it’s overwrought with screeching advertisements and garbage content (says the reality TV connoisseur), not to mention that it can be pretty expensive if you want the whole kit and caboodle. But I found that the past few weeks with YouTube TV have been successful precisely because it evokes the same sensations of subscribing to cable TV while simultaneously filling in the blanks where some streaming services fall short.

It’s saving me from a bad habit

Let’s get this straight: There is nothing wrong with being a consumer of reality television. For me, it’s a way to escape the world at present and be ensconced in someone else’s drama for a change. But even I can admit that I was spending way too much money on the varying seasons of the Real Housewives and a few other shows simply because I wanted to watch them at the same timeline as everyone else. Most seasons range between $12-20 in the Google Play Store — it definitely adds up after a while, and then I’m left with seasons of old reality television tied to my Google account.

YouTube TV saves me a ton of money.

YouTube TV saves me a ton of money. For $35 a month, I can watch garbage television on Bravo, E!, and The CW in real time, or subscribe to them — it’s the thing to do on YouTube, after all — so that I can watch them later.

I also appreciate the duality of the YouTube TV app. Not only do I have access to 50 live channels, including a variety of sports-centric networks (ESPN , FS1, and NBC Sports Network, to name a few), but I can also keep a mark on the other network shows I like to watch, too, without having to wait for Hulu to publish the episodes. And if it’s a live special that won’t appear on the internet after the fact, I can use the built-in DVR capabilities to record it and watch later.

YouTube TV offers live TV (left), but there’s also on demand content (middle) in addition to YouTube originals (right).

That’s the other thing about YouTube TV: the promise of nearly-unlimited DVR. You can record shows as they air and keep them tied to your account for up to nine months. There’s a downside to doing this, however, and it’s also a reminder of why I cut the cord in the first place: I’m forced to watch the advertisements in between scenes, and I can’t skip ‘em either.

But considering I’ve been a Hulu subscriber for such a long time — six years! — and I’ve never paid to eliminate the ads, I’m okay with sitting through a few of them when I’m watching TV. If anything, it adds to the effect of “having cable,” and I don’t have to worry about pausing the content in between segments to get up and take a break from the couch.

The beginning of a burgeoning trend

YouTube isn’t the first to jump on the live-TV-over-the-internet trend. Sling TV has been long offering this kind of functionality on a variety of devices. I found its packages to be a bit too limiting for my liking, however, and the channels I wanted to watch in real time were part of its highest subscription tier. It’s since changed its offerings, however, and I’ll be curious to see if I can get more variety for the same price as YouTube TV.

Hulu is currently accepting sign-ups for its live television abilities.

Hulu has also joined the ranks in delivering live television over the internet, and that’s the service that I’m feeling particularly conflicted about. The pricing and variety of channels are about on par with YouTube TV, and though I’ve yet to try it out, it seems to be more worth the cash. It only offers 200 hours of cloud DVR, however, but that’s in addition to the breadth of original content and movies available on demand.

YouTube doesn’t necessarily have all that content available. Sure, I have access to whatever is on demand from the various network channels — this includes made-for-TV movies and past seasons of terrible reality television — but the feed is also clogged with mentions of YouTube Red content that doesn’t appear as appealing to watch.

One thing’s for sure: the idea of live TV wherever you are is definitely heating up.

I’ll be curious to see if Hulu Live can offer an edge of what’s essentially a beta service offered by YouTube. I like the flexibility of the YouTube TV app, however; the ability to watch TV on either my Android device or through Chromecast. But Hulu is even more cross compatible in that regard, particularly since it’s available on practically everything. What’s a gal to do?

One thing’s for sure: the idea of live TV wherever you are is definitely heating up. It’s also a great reminder of how the methodology of watching TV has drastically changed over the years. Before, you could only watch live TV by subscribing to cable or sharing shady links with your friends. Now, you can do almost everything a traditional set-top box with DVR used to do right from your smartphone.

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The HTC U 11 will be unveiled in less than five days, but the latest official teaser has just revealed a feature which the phone’s numerous leaks haven’t touched on yet. The video clip shows motorcyclists riding in a circle … Read More

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The Fios customer service bot will answer your questions and help you find things to watch.


Probably the worst part about customer service is having to talk to someone on the phone when things go awry or you have a quick question. But would you rather have the conversation over Facebook Messenger?

Verizon has introduced the Fios chatbot on Facebook Messenger. You can use it to do things like search for content to watch, manage your DVR, and add channels to an existing package. It works for Verizon Fios internet service, too, so if you’re wondering what the throughput is on your internet speeds, you can simply ask the chatbot to test the connection.

“The Fios chatbot is focused on entertainment content now,” said Miguel Quiroga, head of digital for Verizon’s Fios consumer business, in the official press release. “It will continue to evolve based on how people use it. In effect, our customers will be ‘co-creating’ the platform with us.”

Automated customer service isn’t a new concept, just as chatbots aren’t new either. Facebook on its part recently announced its plans to double down on chatbots in an effort to give them substantial credence over time.

If you’re a Verizon Fios customer, you can try out the Fios chatbot on Facebook Messenger right now. Search for Fios, and then select “Get Started” as the first chat entry to start the process of linking your account.

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Here are the best deals from the second day of Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

Amazon’s Great Indian Sale is back, offering enticing discounts on hundreds of products. Lenovo’s excellent Z2 Plus is now available for ₹14,999 for the 64GB model, making it one of the best deals in this segment. The Honor 6X is also getting a ₹3,000 discount for the version with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, and a ₹2,000 discount for the 3GB RAM/32GB storage model.

You’ll also be able to save cash on audio products, TVs, storage devices, and accessories. Here’s a roundup of the best deals from the second day of the Great Indian Sale:


Headphones and home audio


Everything else

To take a look at all the products on sale, head to Amazon from the link below. What’s everyone buying?

See at Amazon India

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