Ooga-chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-chaka Ooga-Ooga…

The Guardians of the Galaxy are back, with another AWESOME soundtrack that lives up to its Awesome Mix name, old foes made allies, new foes to threaten the galaxy, and there’s plenty of out-of-this-world wacky weirdness to go around! Before you head to theaters this weekend, you should put some galactic goodness on your home screen, so we’ve got our own little Awesome Mix going… an awesome wallpaper mix that is.

Starlord is a devilish rogue that’s easy to love, and nobody makes him easy to love than Chris Pratt. Being a half-human raised across the universe by a variety of aliens, it’s amazing that the Guardians’ leader is as well-rounded, mostly-moral, and ridiculously fun as he is. It’s easy to forget that all of that amazingness is often hidden under that awkward and quite intimidating battle helmet.

It’s not as easy to forget that under that battle helmet, he’s probably humming top 70′s hits.

Starlord by DannySchlitz

Drax is a serious man with some serious issues as well as a seriously difficult relationship with metaphors, slang, and the intricacies of non-literal language. A serious warrior deserves a seriously kickass wallpaper, with him about to absolutely destroy someone, hopefully not the artist capturing his unbridled fury. If you’re someone who dreams of violently letting out your frustrations… you should maybe see someone about that, but in the meantime, take this wallpaper and let Drax get it our for you!

Drax by Puekkers

Gamora can kill a man a hundred different ways, with or without a weapon, but she’s still got a soft side, and after years of torment and torture (giving and taking), she’s learning to explore a softer side of existence again. From stealing Starlord’s tunes every now and again to learning to love and accept herself, Gamora is a reminder that no matter how far into the dark we go in life, we can always come back to the light.

Gamora by Avionecta

Nebula by Deviantapplestudios

Who else is excited Nebula is joining the “good guys” for a while this time? Because I’m excited for Nebula to join the Guardians for a while. The cybernetic killer with the electrical weaponry played two sides in the first installment, but both were murdering psychopathic villains, and there’s more in her than hateful comments and death glares… right? Well, looking at this wallpaper, I’m not sure, but I will say that Nebula is one cyborg chick you do NOT want to cross.

Baby Groot may be the best upgrade this time around, and yeah, there’s something about a chibi character with amazing abilities and limited vocabulary that lends itself to pop culture adoration and internet memes. Baby Groot is like a tiny Pokemon that’s going to evolve back into a giant warrior, but for now, he’s a slightly OP little scene-stealer who gets carried around on everyone’s shoulder.

“I am Groot.”

You said it, sapling…

Baby Groot by TheSmokeirx

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Get the LG G6 for a decent price unlocked, and save some sales tax while you’re at it!

Update: You’ll also be able to secure a free Google Home with this pre-order through May 7, so grab one now!

The LG G6 is easily the best phone the company’s ever made, and stands tall next to the Galaxy S8, which has overshadowed its North American launch over the past few weeks.

But the G6 has a lot of things going for it, including a sensibly-placed fingerprint sensor (can’t believe we have to say that), and a dual camera setup that is way more fun than it initially appears.

It’s also got a much lower price, too.

B&H is selling the unlocked LG G6 for $100 off its MSRP, bringing it to $599, considerably lower than the Galaxy S8′s $750. It’s not shipping until mid-May, but it’s compatible with all four major U.S. networks, and should receive updates faster than the carrier models (though that’s not always a guarantee).

See at BH

Perhaps even better is the deal that bundles the same unlocked G6 and the LG Watch Style, which regularly goes for $249 on its own, for $649.99 together.

Both deals don’t charge sales tax outside of New York and New Jersey, keeping the cost even lower!

See at BH

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You can now use Assistant to control iHome, Leviton, Emberlight, and Samsung Artik Cloud devices.


There are so many different smart home startups out there attempt to do their part to contribute to the ever-growing ecosystem of connected devices. And the Google Home, which is meant to be used exclusively inside your dwellings, now supports a few more standards to make it easier for you to control those third-party products.

Originally discovered on two different Google Support pages by Android Police, it’s now plainly stated that Google Home supports iHome, Leviton, Emberlight, and Samsung Artik Cloud connected devices. This means that a whole host of smart plugs, smart switches, and outlets are now supported by Google Assistant, so you can shout out Okay, Google! to start commanding the different devices around your home. Note that if you use the Samsung Artik Cloud, the Legrand smart hubs are currently the only product supported.

Curious to try the functionality for yourself? The services are now available in the Google Home app.

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The latest software rollout includes all the features of Android 7.0 Nougat, as well as the revamped EMUI 5.0.

Just because you didn’t pay a ton for your smartphone doesn’t mean it shouldn’t run the latest software. Honor has announced its now pushing out the update to Android Nougat and EMUI 5.0 to the Honor 6X this month.

EMUI 5.0 for the Honor 6X was in the process of being beta tested for the last two months. You can expect to see the update hit your phone between now and late-May.

Here’s some of what you can expect from the update, per an email from Honor:

Simpler user interface: a brand new user interface design with a blue and white color scheme inspired by the Aegean Sea; a simplified interface system with an easy three-step-operation for over 90% of the time

Stronger functionality: smoother system run enables quicker browsing from massive pictures to web pages and search queries

A more secure system: strengthened security over user privacy, mobile payment and communication, and APP usage

The Honor 6X’s EMUI 5.0 also offers a remodeled task manager, the ability to use two user account profiles within an application, and an app drawer, which EMUI 4 users have been clamoring about for quite some time. The device will also have many of the same features of the latest version of Android, including multi-window support, direct reply for notifications, and under-the-hood battery saving features.

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