The quick take

Meizu’s EP51 earbuds are surprisingly well-built and well-balanced, and are priced just right. They may be difficult to find, but they’re worth tracking down.

The Good

  • Design and build quality
  • Balanced sound
  • Fits nicely
  • Impressive carrying case

The Bad

  • Middling microphone quality
  • Average battery life

In the Box

  • Meizu EP51
  • Carrying case
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Silicone tips
  • Documentation

Meizu EP51 Technical Specifications

Category Features
Dimensions 16 x 23 x 25mm
Weight 15.3 grams
Frequency Range 20Hz – 20KHz
Impedance 16 Ohms
Sensitivity 87dB±3dB
Maximum Power 10mW
Battery 60mAh | Standby time: 400 hours | Charging Time: 2 hours


The impressive design of the EP51 isn’t surprising. I quite like the design and build quality of Meizu smartphones, and the headset carries on the tradition. For its price point, it is nicely constructed, with aircraft-grade aluminum, and weighs a light 15 grams. It’s solid and looks slick, with subtle Meizu branding.

The wing tips on the silicone ear buds are designed to fit snugly and they don’t fall out even when walking quickly or running. The aluminum ends of the earbuds house magnets which keep the earbuds locked together when stored or when worn around the neck to avoid them sliding and dropping to the ground. They also sport a water resistant coating that protects the headset against sweat, but the company doesn’t recommend using them in the rain — and neither do I.

The sound is balanced, although you won’t get booming bass from these small drivers.

The red cable is pretty good, but I would have preferred a thicker braided one, but you’re not going to find that embellishment at this price point. The cable houses the independent volume control buttons, the built-in microphone, and the Micro-USB charging port. My only gripe is the rubber cover on the charging port doesn’t fit flush on the port, which got worse over the course of my testing. It might be an isolated issue, but it’s a shame to see on an otherwise nicely-built headset.

Overall, the Meizu EP51 is well-designed and stylish, and can easily compete with many of the more expensive earbuds in the market.


The sound quality on the Meizu EP51 is amazing considering its price, and it even provides decent noise isolation. The sound is balanced, although you won’t get booming bass from these small drivers. Even at maximum volume, there is no crackling or distortion of sound, and at 16 Ohms they’re not difficult to power from even the most paltry of phone amplifiers.

The silicone ear buds are designed to fit snugly and don’t fall out even when walking quickly or running.

The call quality is mediocre — the company saved some money by including a low-quality microphone — although that’s the case with most budget and mid-range headphones. The wireless reception is great, matching the usual Bluetooth 4.0 range of 10 meters before the signal starts to fade out.

Battery Life

At 60 mAh, EP51 packs in a tiny battery that’s a tad underwhelming. Meizu claims six hours of music time, and while the battery life is dependent on volume, I was able to get 6 hours easily on a regular basis. It’s good, but I would have preferred a little more. According to Meizu, it takes 2 hours to fully charge the EP51 from a dead state, but often, it took a little less than that.

The Bottom Line

For its price (which ranges from $28 to $42 at the time of writing, depending on the retailer), the Meizu EP51 is a very good pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds, offering great value for the price. It sounds really good, and the buds fit well, but the highlight is that it looks very modern. If you’re looking for a mid-range wireless headset, the Meizu EP51 is a great option that I’d highly recommend. It’s not perfect, but it packs a punch and is more premium than what you pay for it.

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What is the best case for the OnePlus One? Let’s take a look at some of the great choices.

Whether you want to keep your OnePlus One protected, add a thin layer of grip to the phone, or turn it into a wallet, there are cases for all of your needs. Hunting down cases can be a daunting task, but don’t worry — Android Central is here for you. Everyone’s preferences are different, some are looking to keep their phone the same size while adding a bit of protection, and others want full protection to prevent drops from damaging it.

Let’s take a look at some of the different options and see which will work best for you.

OnePlus Flip Cover

Cases do a great job of protecting the back of the phone but not always the front. With OnePlus’ Flip Cover, you’ll have protection for the front and back, so when you put the phone in your pocket, purse or elsewhere it will be able to prevent scratches on the screen. The flip cover doesn’t add much bulk to the phone either, and the case will unlock and lock your phone as you open and close it. Adjusting the volume and accessing the power button is easy thanks to the great fit and cutouts for the ports.

See at Amazon

CruzerLite Bugdroid Circuit

CruzerLite has been around for years with its popular Bugdroid Circuit cases that offer a fun look to the back of its thin case. Available in a variety of colors, the case has a Bugdroid at the bottom of it with various lines coming off of it in a fun pattern. The thin profile of the case offers a form fit to the phone with easy access to its ports and buttons. Its TPU material is more cut and tear resistant than rubber, while still being stronger than silicon skins and remaining flexible. You can pick from a variety of colors like black, red, blue, white, and many others.

See at Amazon

TUDIA Ultra Slim

Cases aren’t for everyone, but the protection they provide sure is nice. TUDIA’s Ultra Slim TPU case offers a clear thin layer to the phone so it doesn’t add much bulk or detract from the look of the phone itself. The case itself is very durable and has a soft touch feel to make it comfortable to use. It offers a form fit and easy access to all your ports. You can pick one up in clear, black or blue for just around $10 at Amazon.

See at Amazon

iThrough Dual Layer

If you are worried about your OnePlus One not being able to hold up to the abuse it sees daily, you’ll want to pick up a protective case. iThrough’s Dual Layer case offers a TPU layer and a solid plastic layer to ensure that the phone is well protected while in the case. It will bulk the phone up a bit, but for some that will make it easier to hold. The back of the case has a built-in kickstand so you can prop the phone up while you aren’t holding it. Keeping your phone protected for just $7 is a no-brainer.

See at Amazon

E LV Wallet Flip Case

Cases don’t only have to provide protection, sometimes they can also offer some additional functionality. The E LV wallet flip case will provide protection to the front and back of the phone, as well as give it a way to be propped up to watch videos and more. The case also has a number of slots to carry your credit cards, ID and more, as well as a slot for carrying cash. This means you won’t have to lug around your phone, wallet and more for a night out, and instead can just carry around the phone with the rest attached to it.

Your favorite?

Do you have a favorite case for the OnePlus One that isn’t mentioned here? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments, along with a link to where you can pick it up!

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Better Field of View and a sleek new color can soon be yours.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is the first USB-C phone in their lineup, which gave the company all the excuse they needed to refresh the Gear VR headset. The new model sports a data port that can swap between microUSB and USB-C, so it will work with every Samsung phone with the Oculus Store onboard.

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Why the heck is LG releasing the V20, and why does it appear to look like a larger, more boxy G5? Andrew, Russell and Daniel explore the potential reasons for LG’s latest flagship, and whether its new design will appeal to anyone beyond the Android audience looking for speeds and feeds.

Plus: Russell got a Moto Z and likes it — a lot! And an IFA primer, including a discussion of the Gear S3 and Moto 360 3rd generation.

Plus, plus: Twitter Q&A!

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